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To understand the style of the Bulgari jewelry

Bulgari this international brand, the most popular is the development of the reputation is the best of its bvlgari men ring imitation, the shape of the diamond round like round, like non-square, but the diamond light completely refraction of the cutting method, with diamonds inlaid Live in this diamond, ring ring design can be small… Tovább »


April 7 this year, Switzerland, senior jewelry and watch family Chopard Chopin grandly announced its international famous actress Rihanna (Rihanna) cooperation. The stylized variable star is known for its bold and modern style, so RIHANNA ♥ CHOPARD jewelry series vividly interprets her extraordinary spirit and unique vision. Chopin co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele (Caroline… Tovább »

Purple crystal Bulgari necklace – Aier.su

1, peace: we all know that purple crystal Bulgari necklace has been used as a body stone, body with a purple crystal necklace can avoid evil security, bring good luck, and placed in the home amethyst ornaments can avoid evil town house Attracting wealth and elegant transport, is a good help to transport crystal, so… Tovább »

How about Titoni watches? How is the plum table?

About Plum BlossomTitoni (Titoni) is a typical Swiss traditional watch factory, since 1919 in Greenken, Switzerland since the plant, according to legend three generations, is now very few independent family watch business. Over the years it has been sticking to the field of automatic mechanical watches, the company is most proud of a feature is… Tovább »

Experienced a hundred years of baptism the birth of the ordinary villagers family watchmaking

Tianjun TANGIN watch how? Tianjun table ok?Tianjun brand profileIn 1685, the French abolition of the Freedom of Religion Act, the French Protestants have fled France, refuge in Geneva and the surrounding areas, among these people, there is no lack of stunt watchmaker, the watchmaking process to the local goldsmith, from the beginning Switzerland’s splendid watch… Tovább »
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