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How about Titoni watches? How is the plum table?

About Plum Blossom
Titoni (Titoni) is a typical Swiss traditional watch factory, since 1919 in Greenken, Switzerland since the plant, according to legend three generations, is now very few independent family watch business. Over the years it has been sticking to the field of automatic mechanical watches, the company is most proud of a feature is 95% of its products are highly accurate mechanical watch. All along, the plum table adhere to the “quality first” attitude, focus on the production of refined, reliable and durable Cartier love bracelet replica mechanical watches, around the world, set a “symbol of the mechanical process”. Its company advertising slogan “mechanical art model”, clearly stressed its production of mechanical watches in the field of professional status. Plum table is stationed in China earlier Swiss brand, over the years to “precision, reliable, durable,” the stability of the quality of the consumer to win the unique support of the plum table, laid the grand status of plum table.
Plum table in the creation of 25 years, has experienced three huge difficulties – the 1920s economic recession, the 30’s economic crisis and the threat of the Second World War, each plum table can survive. Plum table of confidence and determination of the future, so that it finally succeeded in return. Plum table in the 1970s and 1980s, the Swiss mechanical watch manufacturing industry is still facing the crisis, continue to play its traditional spirit.
Plum table has always focused on employee benefits and technical training, so the welfare of the staff to take care. As early as 1956, plum blossom took the lead in the implementation of five days of work. In 1969, plum table to celebrate the establishment of 50 years, when a watch factory for 50 years of staff received awards. These are enough to prove that the excellent working environment, coupled with outstanding talent, plum table quality is beyond doubt.
The strict control of the original production process is a guarantee of the quality of the plum table. The most advanced production tools and high-quality staff to ensure that the finished product to “Swiss manufacturing” superior quality.
The original movement assembly allows the plum not only to continuously improve product quality, but also to develop Cartier love bracelet replica their own production standards. High-tech tools can help traditional handmade to improve the quality of manufactured goods. Automatic screw assembly, automatic oiling and the use of precision cameras for optical detection are the latest generation of technology. These main resources reflect the desire of the plum table to provide customers with high quality watches.
Dial and table assembly and related testing require sophisticated operation and attention to detail. Plum table selection in the original to complete these processes to ensure the quality of reliable products. Skilled staff with the help of precision instruments can be successfully completed the main operation.
Plum table in the original production of all the process will undergo a variety of tests, and finally skilled workers using precision instruments on the movement of one by one strict final test. Such as the test movement can not reach the plum table company to develop the quality standards, sent back to the watch technician to do further adjustment. Plum table factory is through multiple quality control procedures to ensure that its factory watches high quality, forever renowned.
Plum watch parts have been provided by some suppliers with strict quality requirements. For example, the spring of the mechanical watch as long as the use of attention to maintenance, after 20 years to maintain its flexibility. In addition, the plum table in most of the gold models are plated on 10 to 20 microns thick gold-plated to ensure that the table surface color lasting; as the surface of the gem inlay is the use of traditional jewelry craft inlay rather than ordinary adhesion.
The entire precision of the manufacturing process entirely in the plum table factory to ensure that the quality of spare parts management and control, but also to ensure that the best quality products manufactured, greatly improving the quality of the guarantee. Although this makes the relative increase in the cost of plum table, but also for the plum table to bring outstanding reputation. As the manufacture of mechanical watches to accommodate a high level of carefully craftsmanship, so each plum table, have a long-term preservation of the value.
All along, the Swiss plum table adhere to the “quality first” attitude, focus on the production of refined, reliable and durable mechanical watches, around the world, set a “symbol of the mechanical process” image, representing the best watch in Switzerland Tradition, to win the consumer on the plum table a soft spot, laid the grand status of the plum table.
As early as 50 years ago, plum Fake Cartier love bracelet table has been successfully opened up the Chinese market. As China’s rapid economic development, coupled with the people’s purchase potential, today in the major cities of the senior watch business can buy plum table.
Plum table in China set up 40 maintenance service centers, located in major cities across the country, for the plum table provides an unrivaled after-sales service, greatly enhance the market confidence in the plum table. In China to continue to carry out and strengthen the maintenance service network is the plum table on the Chinese market commitment.
Plum watch how
User evaluation of a: plum better than Tissot! Movement polished all aspects of the plum is too much false!
User evaluation two: flowers and Tissot are low-end mechanical watches, there is no collection of value, but the Swiss system is the quality of the guarantee. Volkswagen consumer goods map is their favorite.
User evaluation three: buy it, the old brand, and Switzerland imported, good quality. The best to buy machinery do not buy quartz, plum blossom has a series of ultra-thin quartz watch, feeling not very good, hard shook the needle on the shift.
User rating four: plum table is stationed in China earlier Swiss brand, over the years to “sophisticated, reliable, durable,” the stability of the quality of the consumer to win the unique plum table, laid the glamor of the lofty status.
User evaluation five: plum table factory is relatively small, but he was in the production process, but there is no lazy. Moreover, the plum table immediately on the 100th anniversary, the quality is certainly guaranteed drops.
User evaluation six: plum table in China 50 years has been maintained in the mid-range price, but also has maintained a high-end status! Plum table in the past years has been positioning itself as: the success of the watch. Absolutely worth owning.
User evaluation seven: plum, in the country is a relatively old brand, and once brilliant, but now a bit abjection, the design is not new, and the basic gold and gold to the main, see you age, individuals do not like.
User evaluation eight: plum and Longines compared to the words, the quality and price are almost the same and are Swiss watch. The The Plum and Longines fame is also almost the older understanding of plum, plum in China’s longer days.


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